What do we want to hear?

Almost everyone I’ve ever met who claims to be a hifi/audiophile is obsessed with brand names and sky high prices, yet don’t actually listen much to music – they listen to the equipment and their own boasting voices. There’s a comprehensive listing of links to various listening tests that debunk various claims and assertions about […]

Music co-creation

The spirit of collaboration thrives in Peter Gabriel’s state-of-the-art Real World Studio – he describes the meeting place as a “dating agency” for mutually curious musicians. Listen to any of the more than 200 albums produced there and you can hear what happens when people go there. Posted with Blogsy

Frugal audiophile

Some great ideas on getting excellent music reproduction without spending mega bucks on branded consumer products Keep the cost realistic and get the satisfaction of doing it yourself Take a good look here   Posted with Blogsy