Welcome to my thinking and sharing diary about music and hi-fi home audio

Music matters most – hi-fi reproduces recorded art.

I think that (finally) I have worked out from consulting a dictionary and a thesaurus and from lots of quiet reflection and discussion with other enthusiasts, that I am a audiophile and partial technophile because I am a musicophile in pursuit of true musical experiences.

I’m an audiophile in that I very much enjoy hi-fi sound reproduction, and this requires me to be something of a technophile who understands technology, because basically I’m a musicophile, as I love music.

I have hi-fi friends who are music loving audiophiles. I consider myself to be an audiophile music lover.

In more than 40 years of listening to music and assembling many combinations of hi-fi components, I have learned one big lesson.

A great audio system is a cherished friend, presenting your recorded music with presence and realism: the musicians’ inspiration and emotion is palpably communicated. There’s a feeling with great music – a feeling that’s different. A great audio system reproduces recorded music in a way that brings that feeling forth.
Your home attentive listening and deep appreciative music experience can be magically transformed by careful system component matching (actually it’s really about the physics of transducers): does your recorded music reproduction sound like real musicians playing real instruments in a real space? Care and audio insights are needed where technology supports artistic expression, so ensure that you can properly audition audio equipment before selecting components for your listening pleasure. Then configuration and location play a crucial part in the performance of the system in rendering realistic music.

I’ve been an avid music listener and hifi audio hobbiest, and record collector since my late teens, and I’m an occasional TNT-Audio.com reviewer, and a writer for Witchdoctor magazine – see My Reviews.

I’m now sharing my posts on my Facebook account at “Muso Man”.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my thinking and sharing diary about music and hi-fi home audio

  1. Hi Richard,

    I tried to get in touch via facebook, but I’m not sure if the message was sent because we’re not connected. I’m working with an entrepreneur based in the Bay of Plenty who is developing a new DAC, we are hoping to speak to audiophiles and get their opinion on DACs. I was wondering if you would be interested in answering a few questions?




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