Vinyl value is much bigger than new sales

Well, yes, there’s a lot of used records in storage as well as in circulation. I rarely buy from dealers, as I find plenty of interesting records in the third stream – second-hand and junk shops, and especially op shops. I rarely need to pay more than $1-3 and that goes to charitable causes. Recently, […]

Foregrounding background noise

Some people claim that they prefer pops and crackles from old records. Indeed, John Peel famously said that life is background noise. I don’t know a name for the condition in which such surface noise is distracting and deeply irritating, I only know that I am cursed with such reaction. I enjoy old recordings and […]

Album spectacle

In the Facebook music forums I am part of, it has become ‘normal’ to photograph the sleeve of the record currently playing, on a stand next to the turntable. I like to have the sleeve and any inserts to hand in my listening seat. Sometimes (read usually) on trend things are irritating!