Is Music Running on Empty?

How much time can we/do we devote to music listening, search, and research? As I’m effectively retired from earning a living, and I write a bit about music and music listening experience, I get to give music my deep attention most days, often for a few hours. This isn’t the norm. And, no, I don’t […]

Blue Notes on CD

I’m increasingly seeing Blue Note albums on CD when digging around the second-hand shelves and boxes. This 1999 digital 24-bit transfer and master by Ron McMaster of Art Blakey’s 1962 recording cost me just $2. I got to wondering if CDs on this label are sought-after as the LPs are. This is arguably one of […]

Measurements alone cannot tell the whole story

I don’t want a ‘flat’ presentation, as my listening space and contents affect what I hear, as does my mood. And the production team are contributors in the creative process. Jim Fosgate includes controls in his amplifiers for sound image size, tonal balance, ambience, etc. His circuits are tube-based. They all sound very enjoyable to […]