The Stables at Wavendon

Whilst cataloging some recent records added to my music library, I read the sleeve-notes on the Dudley Moore 1976 live album from the Wavendon Festival. The Stables was built in the grounds of the home of John Dankworth and Cleo Laine, in the ancient village of Wavendon near Milton Keynes, and continues, now expanded, as […]

Cartridge cost-benefit consideration

In this review of Audio Technica VM95, Goldring E3, and LP Gear Carbon Fidelity CF3600LE cartridges, Herb Reichert showed that you don’t need to spend mega-money to get satisfying record reproduction. What is necessary is a high-performing turntable and tonearm to enable the cartridge to deliver the music. As I await delivery of an old […]

Musical truth?

There’s lots of talk about audio system accuracy, transparency, musicality, etc. Reproduction performance as if the gear isn’t there. Even simulating ‘live’, apparently! Band in the room etc. Elsewhere, I’ve seen the decription “music performance transporter”. In the room with the band. In the same vien as “if it sounds good, it is good”, I […]


For a long time, I thought the left channel of my system was louder than the right channel. I’ve moved my speakers so many times to get the balance right! My last hearing test revealed only minor difference in hearing acuity, and it was the left ear that was mildly deficient. Perhaps this explains my […]

RIP Michael Chapman

If you haven’t yet heard his many guitar-based songs and instrumentals, you’re missing a treat. Michael was a prolific musical fellow Yorkshireman with a style all of his own, and a guitar playing phenomenon. I think I may have once met him in the early-mid 1970s at Fairview Studio near Hull. He recorded several albums […]

A Dubliners double-back double-take

Someone recently dumped their Irish albums at a local op shop, and I happily scooped up several, including this 1979 Australian pressing of The Dubliners’ Anthology compilation on Transatlantic. The green cover appealed to my inner Celt (my better half is part Irish). How deflated was I when the disc turned out to be the […]

Is that really necessary?

The withering response that meant “I don’t approve!”. I remember only too well from my childhood in Yorkshire. The audiophile product is the mechanical and electronic equivalent of a sculpture or painting, etc. The engineer’s artwork. Made because they can. Not driven by market demand, but the capacity to create. Beauty supercedes function – at […]