The music featured in equipment reviews

I often read hi-fi product reviews to find interesting music used by the reviewer to audition the component. My reasoning is that they are testing the sonic performance of the product, so the music and recording ought to be worth hearing. I find that hi-fi reviewers are quite informed about new music. I’ve discovered some […]

Steven Wilson joins high end society

Steven Wilson is the Brand Ambassador of this year’s High End Society High End Munich show Apart from Fish, I know of no other musicians currently endorsing hi-fi audio equipment. Producer Chris Kimsey uses and endorses Rupert Neve and other related products with Russ Andrews …. Why don’t music hardware and software get […]

Audio Fidelity’s First Component

This 1959 issue has extensive sleeve notes on “a study in stereophonic high fidelity” – “for those who can hear the difference!!!”. The concept is that the disc is the first and most important component in a hi-fi stereo phonographic system. They claimed to have extended dynamic range and frequency range, and to have increased […]