My reviews

Kia Ora from New Zealand. I am a self-confessed hi-fi ‘nut’ and have been since I earned my first wage in 1972, spending much time and money on many iterations of equipment refinement and on music recordings.

I am an avid music collector and presently have about 3,750 vinyl LPs and about 6,500 CDs, as well as a few music DVDs. I also have a growing collection of lossless/high definition digital files. This collection of recordings is at the heart of my music experience, of course. My musical taste is eclectic, and I enjoy discovering artists who are talented but not famous or popular, especially blues, jazz-rock, neo-prog, folk, Celtic, and instrumental guitar. I especially love rooting out abandoned vinyl albums in great condition. Some call this behaviour crate digging, others call it obsession. I call it music rescue.

I have been an active enthusiast of great value high fidelity music reproduction for 45+ years, have used a wide range of home audio equipment in most formats. Professionally, I have 30 years experience in marketing consulting, tertiary education, and research. I am an award-winning widely-published and highly-cited former marketing scholar.

My audiophile interest is in innovative and unusual design and engineering approaches where performance and value-for-money matter more than price and brand. My role is independent listener-thinker-writer, to provide readers with practical insights on interesting product propositions from independent artisan audiophile innovators. I am also exploring DIY and frugal ways to experience the emotion intended by musicians.

I think of myself as an investigative reviewer, and I try to answer the questions that hi-Fi enthusiasts are asking, to provide insights from a user perspective. Primarily, I’m a music fan looking for clever ways to get great performance from equipment at value-for-money prices.

I investigate claims – I ask questions, and apply my experience as a trained scientist, former marketing professor, and long-time enthusiast, with a bit of electronics training. I listen carefully and write about what I notice, like, and otherwise, in my listening experiences. First and foremost, I love music.

I do not get paid to write about hi-fi. It is a hobby that follows from and supports my passion for music.

For now, you can find my past reviews at and by searching in each using my name “Varey”. Links to most of them are here in my posts – search for “review”.


Future ‘user report’ appreciations of audio equipment will be posted here on my blog.