My System

Clearaudio Emotion, The Wand Plus, Hana EL, Gold Note Vasari Red
Lounge Audio LCR Mk II phono preamp, Copla step-up
Les Davis Audio 3D(2) damper discs
Pioneer D6 SACD player
Collybia Mamboberry with MoOde media player
HiFiBerry with Volumio 2 media player
PC running JRiver MC21 on Windows 10, with Fidelizer Pro 7.8
Viganoni Sachem Pure preamplifier and V2 monoblocks
iFi iTube buffer
Burson Cable Pro+ active buffer
Styleaudio Carat Peridot USB DAC
Schiit Modi USB DAC
Etalon Ethernet Isolator
Ideon 3R USB conditioner
Intona USB high speed Isolator
Taket Soundstage Activator
Audio Pro Avanti 100DC with ACE bass floorstanding loudspeakers, on DIY plinths
Nordost 2 Flat speaker cables
Fidelity Audio No Noise Z inline RFI noise filters
Belkin Pure AV power conditioner

My music listening room is an almost symmetrical box of 6.4 m x 3.9 m x 2.4 m, with three wooden doors, and glass doors on one long side, and with a concrete floor covered with floating wood laminate. My listening spot is at the midpoint of the wall opposite the glass doors, overlooking the garden.

My hi-fi journey has also included a Connoisseur BD1 turntable kit, Metrosound ST60, Leak Stereo tuner, Garrard 401, SME 12″, Linn Sondek LP12, Pioneer A400, NAD3020, AKAI 4000D, Sumiko Bluenote 2, KEF Concerto, Jim Rogers JR149, KEF iQ7, DBX, several faulty Cambridge Audio units!, Lite DAC-AH Modified, Rega EAR, T & A, and others I can’t recall now.