Phono parameters potential

This is a story of a couple of Wands, some AnalogMagik, and substantial strength. With two turntables, three tonearms and four pickup cartridges, it was time to get serious about setup and adjustments for best performance. My hi-fi friend Eric Poon (SoundWe, Auckland) loaned me his AnalogMagik setup toolkit. Whilst I have carefully set arm […]

Parks Puffin firmware update

The latest (v1.2 beta) version of the DSP functions includes some improvements to various effects, as well as the addition of ‘Magic’ click/pop minimisation (and it is!) and ‘Grade’ disc condition grading. The beta update is excellent. Magic works so well, making some hard-to-listen-to records enjoyable. And the grading tool is very useful. I just […]