Nicely out of tune?

I’ve spent time and attention in listening to music most days of my adult life (today’s my 64th birthday, so at least 47 years). I enjoy melody, and I’ve heard a few.

Among the eclectic range of music I hear is female jazz vocalists. So many get to record. And so many of them sing out of tune.

How come the recording engineers, producers, and backing players, don’t point out the vocal fails? Some of them are so awful, I can’t listen to them.

Have I got it wrong? Is there a sub-genre called ‘female vocal mangling’? Is the dissonance an intentional and very clever skilled performance, or are they just bad singers? Enthusiasm and desire for fame don’t trump (excuse me!) artistic inspiration and talent.

Perhaps that’s the purpose of at least some jazz – to provide a home for musical incompetents who can’t stay quiet. Afterall, I hear it among sax players, and guitarists too.

Unlike the band Lindisfarne, it’s out of tune, but far from nicely. And boy did they play some gorgeous tunes.

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