RIP Clive James, lyrical man

I can remember him appearing with Pete Atkin on The Old Grey Whistle Test. That must have been around 1972-3. They wrote more than 200 songs and recorded six albums together. Actually, the OGWT performance was in 1974 … Clive James 1939-2019–ywMOR4Nr-TA

Hi-fi products made in New Zealand

NZ-made hi-fi audio equipment You don’t need to make do with boring brands and contrived corporates. In the very small nation that is New Zealand, there is a lot going on, and this is a roundup of design and manufacture in the local scene. I’ve included the current who’s who in Kiwi home hi-fi, and […]

Perfect Presence Sound

Today, I found one of this series – David Carroll and his orchestra’s Percussion Orientale (1961, Mercury Records PPS6002). It’s in the single sleeve of the mono edition, and has a “Stereo” sticker front and back. David Carroll is described as a stereo devotee, and a well-trained quality conscious musician not concerned with stereo gimmicks. […]

The Dick Schory story

I see Dick Schory quite often. Not as much as Kamahl, Richard Clayderman, or Nana Mouskouri. Well, she has recorded more than 200 albums! Dick Schory recorded only a few albums, and I’ve always assumed he was an easy listening band leader a la James Last, but he’s done a whole lot more that I […]

Product profiting 101

Don’t you just love music company marketing? How about taking a previously modest selling album (in this case, Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell’s New Dimensions in Banjo and Bluegrass). Add one 3 minute track that was a spin-off hit from a movie. Change the album title to that of the hit single: Dueling Banjos. Hey […]

Bargain basement Miles

It never ceases to amaze me what people will throw in the trash. I picked up this copy of this 1965 Miles Davis live album from a local re-use shop for $1. They employ several people to salvage usable items from the cast-offs dropped off at the town rubbish tip/transfer station. At $20 from our […]

The Audiophile Man asks “what is an audiophile?” I distinguish interest in the equipment, the sound, and the music …. Exhibitionist – behaving in an extravagant way in order to attract attention (“showing-off” – sociologists call this the display – the Peacock effect). ** Technophile – interested in the solutions to recorded music playing problems. Audiophile – persuer of best sound quality. […]

Ecstatic over electrostatics

Remember that time that UK TV personality antiques and curios salvager Drew Pritchard uncovered a pair of Quad Electrostatic loudspeakers in a Yorkshire farmer’s attic? He really liked the look of them, even though initially he thought they were heating radiators! I recall that he excitedly bought them for £600, and presumably sold them on.

Recovering great guitarists

My guess is that this 2003 collection from FastForward Music is a cash-in pick n mix gathering of recordings that are out of copyright, since these guitarists are early figures in the 100+ years development of the electric guitar: Alonzo “Lonnie” Johnson (1899-1970) – jazz and blues – pioneer of jazz guitar and violin, and […]

Taking Level 42 to another level

I’ve been a fan since I first heard them in the early seventies. I have all the original band’s albums on carefully played, cleaned, and stored vinyl LPs. I have all their later studio albums on CD. Today, I chose seven further recordings from their online store – live and acoustic studio albums from the […]