From warehouse to addicts corner

Today’s thrift shop music hunt was the unplanned follow-up to a trip to The Warehouse (large shed discount store) in search of a ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Half-price’ deal on records. Not only was the offer only for online sales, but I discovered that the record section has shrunk yet again, despite this being one […]

Amari Acoustics LP32s

Today I’ve installed my new turntable, supplied by Eric Poon (Soundwe NZ). It’s fitted with an AT-95E cartridge, which sounds pretty good for a “budget” pickup, and it will be replaced with an upgrade soon. I’ve used $1000+ cartridges, and this $75 Audio Technica impresses. The turntable and arm have several refinements. It runs silently […]

Home taping is killing music

“Home Taping Is Killing Music” was the slogan of a 1980s anti-copyright infringement propaganda campaign by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), a British music industry trade group. Forget magnetic tape cassettes. I’m talking about parcel tape. Three edges of the sleeve covered in tape, and not even split. My question is WHY DO THIS UGLY BRUTAL THING […]

CDs from Japan

The apparent continuing love affair with special/extended editions, reissues, and superior disc formats, is mostly driven by the sellers. CDs are extremely expensive in Japan, to the point that it’s cheaper for a music fan to buy an album from North America or Europe. Japanese labels and publishers add something extra to the Japanese version […]

Chamber pop library LP rehoming

As I await the imminent delivery of my new turntable, I’m seeking interesting record curiosities. This 1968 collection of current pop songs played by a string quartet, four flutes, and a wind quartet, with drums, bass, guitar, percussion, piano, organ, and harpsichord, seems to fit the bill. It appeared to be an ex-library copy, but […]