The Bedini holographic process

I rescued this 1993 album New Visions in Sedona by Alexander (FutureWave, Canada). It’s essentially keyboard New Age, and a pleasant enough listen for the $1 paid.

What really caught my attention was the sleevenotes mention of “recorded with the Bedini Holographic process direct to digital”, and “Master tape processed with Clarus (TM) Technology for greater clarity, warmth, and special depth”. An audiophile recording, I wondered?

I haven’t found any information on the latter, but I have discovered some explanation about the Bedini studio tool, and recordings made using it, and something about the developer John Bedini, and about this artist. I also discovered that Bedini was a hero of the ‘free energy’ movement.

John Bedini invented the Bedini Audio Spacial Environment (B.A.S.E.) for recording enhanced soundstage, with playback on any stereo system.

Such add-on boxes have never been really popular, and even now there is talk of 3D audio software.

See more on Bedini’s B.A.S.E. in 3D Audio, Martin Levine, Popular Science, June, 1990, pp. 108-109, p. 118 (also describes Archer’s QSound, Hughes’ SRS, Carver’s Sonic Holography, and Bose’s Home Cinema Sound).

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