New age music?

A couple of new additions to my music library set me thinking. That’s one of the benefits of collecting. Is New Age music necessarily of a new age? Both of these albums are described as ‘new age’ genre. So, what does that mean, and are they? The Sacred Spirit album (1997) blends blues samples with […]

Music, familiarity, and emotions

This one is a formal published research paper. “In this study, we used pop/rock songs that people listen to in everyday life to investigate how musical preferences and familiarity modulate the activity of brain regions recruited during music listening and appreciation. We found that musical preferences had only a marginal effect on the activation of […]

Digido and K-Stereo

I signed up at renowned mastering engineer Bob Katz’s website to get some of his sample high resolution audio files, and came across k-stereo for the first time. His business is called Digital Domain, described as “mastering for the golden ear”. The K-Stereo Ambience Processor is a high-resolution virtual sound technology (VST) processor for […]