Traditional jazz via Basil Brush

Today I proved that my childhood knowledge of a UK TV show is invaluable to me as a record collector.

We went to a nearby town and I found a handful of interesting CDs at the re-use shop and the local Lions branch op shop.

At the latter, a fella came in and made straight for the DVD shelf, below the CDs. So I moved over and browsed through a couple of dozen LPs, mostly the usual cast-offs such as Burl Ives, and also this time Basil Brush, boom boom!

“Listen to records, do you?”, he said, as I clutched Basil’s LP. “Yes, I’m a bit of a collector”, I replied. “What kind of music do you like?”, he asked.

Then, I used the code word “jazz”.

“I’ve got a traditional jazz collection”, he said, in his Scouse accent. “Back in Liverpool, we used to go to hear Chris Barber when he kicked off his UK tours”.

“Give me your address and I’ll drop them off when next in Hamilton. You can have the lot!”.

Now I’m wondering what delights will be in those boxes.

In the meantime, I’ve got some albums to hear for the first time. Always a bit exciting.


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