Nathan Haines …… ‘An analogue Thinker In A Digital World’

A nice article about Kiwi jazz musician Nathan Haines and his studio and home music systems, courtesy of Kiwi hi-fi makers Perreaux. “It’s about getting back to the original sound of the recordings” “I am not into ‘hi fi’ per se” “the music is the thing that is most important”

Let’s get physical, again

An ebay survey of buying trends in November 2017 found that a quarter of 18-24 year-olds had bought a vinyl LP in the last month, and 83% in the last year, compared to 76% for all ages. Over 50% of “Generation Physical” prefer physical to digital formats, 60% listening regularly to CDs and 54% watching […]

Fidelity to what? Or what are we tying to achieve with all our expensive gear?

Two questions posed and discussed on the Art of Sound forum. In my view, we can only realistically aspire to reproduction of the recording that is musically satisfying. This is well illustrated by this comment from Kiwi musician Luke Buda: As much as I love hearing just a person singing with an acoustic guitar, […]

The gift of music

This artwork, the acid jazz categorisation, and the limited edition of 5000 designation grabbed my attention. And that name – Kevorkian – seemed familiar somehow. It’s an unusual and also excellent jazz album, with some of the deepest bass I’ve heard from a CD. The band – the Morpheus Trio + two others – are […]

Compression depression

In my early days of digital music format, I thought that bitrate was the primary determinant of sound quality. Now I know its dynamic range. I’ve got at least 7,000 albums ripped to FLAC or WAV files, and played with JRiver Media Center 21. Every time I find I’m especially enjoying an album, it’s one […]