Updating Volumio

A few weeks ago, I tried to run an online update of Volumio in an RPi-based media player. It crashed, corrupting the software, and it wouldn’t boot. I put it on the shelf for another day.

Yesterday was a problem-solving day, and I figured out what to do to get the latest version of Volumio running on my machine.

I downloaded and unzipped the image file, and used SD Card Formatter v5.0 to ‘wipe’ the SD card, then installed the software using Win32 Disk Imager.

I rebooted the player with the SD card installed, and it runs perfectly. The latest version Volumio 2.389 has a neat six-step setup process that gets the music playing quicker and without hassle.

Opera Snapshot_2018-06-12_094457_volumio.org


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