A tribute from one favourite to another: Joe Camilleri performs from the Van Morrison songbook

Every time I hear Joe Camilleri sing, I think of Van Morrison! http://www.couriermail.com.au/entertainment/a-tribute-from-one-favourite-to-another-joe-camilleri-performs-from-the-van-morrison-songbook/news-story/07c0f1bd2b25c510863ca84833bdea04?sv=799ff79bd228d6faef14d2d815b74da1&nk=b2430076ff4d76d7cb5bf7530d88ab3f-1527719638 This is an excellent album of his songs revisited.

Violin and guitar

Since upgrading a couple of years ago to a very dynamic and clean amplifer/loudspeakers partnership, I have enjoyed simple recordings very much. This one caught my attention as it’s in pristine condition (1976 issue), pressed by King Record Co. of Tokyo for the Telefunken label. It was recorded at Teldec-Studio, Vienna, in 1974. The sleeve […]

Lorina Harding

I picked up this album today because the name made me think of Aldous Harding. It turns out they are mother and daughter! Gary Steel’s profile makes it even more interesting. Then, on opening the case it turns out to be on the Real Groovy Records label. I didn’t know the business – which still […]