Audiophile aesthetic

I just finished reading a research paper on this. The author asks what is the proper aesthetic aim of audiophiles? There may be more to it than status seeking! Is it playback of recorded music that sounds like the original performance? Or recording that captures the original performance faithfully? He concludes that audiophiles are primarily […]

Pretty boxes

Ain’t it the truth? I read this by John Broskie over at “Over two decades ago, a highly successful maker of high-end audio gear whispered to me at a Stereophile Show, “To be honest, I didn’t make any money until I discovered the secret of high-end audio.” What was the secret? “Fully 50% of […]

Out of Control: The missing sonic controls

A very worthwhile critical read on the use of controls in recorded music amplification. Suggested are: phase and balance, illumination, dynamics, rhythm, temperature, width, tone, texture, position, depth, and weight. I have three devices that do some of this control – iFi iTube, TaKet Sound Stage Activator, and Jolida Foz SS-X Sound Stage Expander.

Patricia Barber “Cafe Blue” Un-Mastered

The idea of hearing studio recordings that haven’t been tampered with for CD release is very appealing, especially with an album that is known to be outstanding musically and sonically. By the way, the mastering hasn’t been removed or neutralised. It hasn’t been applied. So, strictly, this is ‘non-mastered’ (finally, a proper use of that […]

Engaging musicality

The author of this review of the Métronome Technologie C5+ DAC opens his review with this statement: “As an audio reviewer, there are times I find it necessary to pull back from over-analyzing the sound of a product and get back to the fundamentals that drew me into this hobby in the first place. Engaging […]

Botswana’s overhand, four-stringed guitar technique

Where Did The Unique Style Of Botswana’s Guitarists Come From? Nobody Seems To Know. While pioneering guitarists around the world are increasing the number of guitar strings to as many as 12 to expand the instrument’s harmonic possibilities, Botswana folk guitarists continue to make harmonically complex works with just four strings. The folk guitarists have […]

What does CD mean?

The compact disc is the music carrier format for the masses. The sound quality is compromised digital, as enshrined in the official standard. According to Wikipedia: “The Red Book specifies the physical parameters and properties of the CD, the optical “stylus” parameters, deviations and error rate, modulation system (eight-to-fourteen modulation, EFM) and error correction facility […]

Knob feel

One of the deciding factors on the purchase decision during amplifier auditions, so I’ve been told, is volume control visual appeal and tactile feel in use. Well, it is the most used control after the on/off switch. My case in point is the Sachem Pure preamplifier from Viganoni & Viganoni, which is handbuilt here in […]

Galapagos Duck

An intriguing find from EMI in 1981. With that name I was thinking it would be a one-off novelty or perhaps cabaret. Described on the sleeve as Australia’s most popular jazz band, and their music transcends the name jazz. That hooked me! Bought in excellent condition for $1. On checking, they turn out to have […]