Audiophile aesthetic

I just finished reading a research paper on this. The author asks what is the proper aesthetic aim of audiophiles? There may be more to it than status seeking! Is it playback of recorded music that sounds like the original performance? Or recording that captures the original performance faithfully? He concludes that audiophiles are primarily […]

Pretty boxes

Ain’t it the truth? I read this by John Broskie over at “Over two decades ago, a highly successful maker of high-end audio gear whispered to me at a Stereophile Show, “To be honest, I didn’t make any money until I discovered the secret of high-end audio.” What was the secret? “Fully 50% of […]

Out of Control: The missing sonic controls

A very worthwhile critical read on the use of controls in recorded music amplification. Suggested are: phase and balance, illumination, dynamics, rhythm, temperature, width, tone, texture, position, depth, and weight. I have three devices that do some of this control – iFi iTube, TaKet Sound Stage Activator, and Jolida Foz SS-X Sound Stage Expander.