Like it, or not

Try this little experiment. Forget genres, “best” player or song or album, good and bad. Listen to lots of music and come back to that which you enjoy.

Don’t let music be no more than a marketer’s segmentation scheme or a competition. Listen to what you enjoy. 

It’s just about great musical experience and personal preference. There’s no good and bad music. Just what you like and the rest.

Personally, I don’t enjoy the country and western or the gamut of ‘metal’ and rap and hip hop song subjects or the playing style. So, I don’t listen to it. And that’s the end of it for me. No need for insults or claims of superiority. Just enjoy what you hear as great music.

Now where did I put my Dire Straits album? (I’m enjoying k. d. lang’s Recollection collection as I write this).


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