Collection, library, or ??

I’ve been unwittingly transforming my CD collection into a library. This is how it happened.

I’ve used my PC to store and play music files for at least 20 years. Over the last five years, or so, I’ve been upgrading andexperimenting  with different ways to play music in high fidelity and at low cost. I’ve tried USB and Ethernet options, and right now use a Raspberry Pi 3 and DAC+ card with Moode to play files stored on external drives attached to my PC, over our home Ethernet network, and manage the files with JRiver Media Center 21.

After resisting the urge for some time, recently I began ripping the music in my collection of 6,300 CDs to harddrive, and pondered the idea of selling the CDs. Several dealers told me they’re not really worth much right now. Then something unexpected has happended. As I work my way through my collection, I’m becoming re-enchanted with the artwork and physical access to the music (this has been helped along by auditioning the amazing OPPO UDP-205 ultra HD player).

So, where I am at now is that I really enjoy the sound quality and immediate access of digital file playback with my Collybia Mamboberry music player, but also have realised that I have a fantastic library of music in the nextdoor room.

My next step is to audition some other digital tools, including an Allo USBridge which removes the need for connecting through a ‘noisy’ PC. I’ll also be trying the Allo Boss DAC with an RPi 3. Can I get even better musical experience with the super convenience of my digital setup?


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