How loud is loud music?

I found this comparison:

40 – 60db SPL – Background music in a cafe, bar or restaurant.

60 – 70dB SPL – Typical conversation levels (from the listener’s position).

80 – 90dB SPL – Typical wedding or dinner-dance band (typical audience position).

90 – 100dB SPL – Loud orchestra (playing fff, as it would sound in the front row of the audience).

100 – 110dB SPL – Typical disco.

110 – 115dB SPL – A loud rock band (front rows of audience).


See also:

When I investigated dynamic range when changing my amplifiers to fast and clean Viganoni Sachém, I read that the Triangle is one of the hardest instruments in the modern orchestra to reproduce from a recording, because of the incredible transients it produces.


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