What do conspicuous consumers hear?

“Owning a pen doesn’t make you a writer, in the same way that owning the latest HD camera, drone or 360 rig doesn’t make you an expert in film making”. These are the wise words of Flying Start’s Sam McCauley.

This got me thinking. How many people have bought expensive hi-fi equipment as a conspicious display of wealth, or more likely borrower’s debt? Is their ownership necessarily followed with use, or is it merely on display? I have met more than one man who spent thousands on “the best” turntable and had only six records, with no obvious connection between any of the artists. I meet men who know the price of everything, and the value of nothing. 

So, does owning a hi-fi system make them a musicophile or even an audiophile or a technophile? When they play recorded music, are they really listening to music?

[the photo shows VTL equipment. I am not suggesting that VTL buyers are necessarily tone-deaf hi-fi snobs. I intend only to spice up my post]


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