South Moluccan family string band

Latest in my continuing “Well I wasn’t expecting that” series is this South Yorkshire/Indonesian/Dutch Cajun folk pop album from The Deighton Family. Issued in the US on Philo/Rounder Records in 1988. The slogan “acoustic music to suit most occasions” almost put me off, then I read the sleevenotes and was very intrigued. Recorded in Stockport at Strawberry Studios (think 10cc) and featuring bluegrass, blues, Celtic folk, Cajun, rock’n’roll and numerous other influences – look at the song titles. This was the second of three albums they made around 1987-1991, and was National Public Radio’s “record of the year” in the USA.

I looked up The Moluccas. They are islands west of New Guinea, and east of Timor. They were once part of Indonesia. I’d love to know the story of how this musical family ended up in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and what they’ve done since 1988.


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