Garbage in, garbage out

I use the very fast, clean, and revealing Viganoni Sachém Pure preamplifier and Sachém V2 monoblock amplifiers. Great recordings sound fabulous with this set-up, but the downside is that poor recordings and pressings sound yucky. And there is a surprising number of these on release!

So, as a technophile I have carefully assembled great value, high-performance equipment for reproducing recorded music. As a musicophile, I continually search out wonderful music.

As an audiophile, I try to find the great recordings and pressings, and celebrate when I do, whilst trying not to get despondently disappointed with the crap output from many record companies. And they complain that we don’t want to pay their exhorbitant prices for such inferior product. Go figure.

I’m learning who the good guys are – the ones who make superb music recordings that sound glorious on my audio system.

The story of mt experience with Franco Viganoni, designer and builder of the Sachém amplifiers is told here


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