What do conspicuous consumers hear?

“Owning a pen doesn’t make you a writer, in the same way that owning the latest HD camera, drone or 360 rig doesn’t make you an expert in film making”. These are the wise words of Flying Start’s Sam McCauley. This got me thinking. How many people have bought expensive hi-fi equipment as a conspicious […]

Speaker placement & set up advice

Today I got out my laser leveller and tape measure to check the spacing and toe-in of my floorstanders relative to my listening seat. I discovered that the left speaker was about 20 cm further from the centre line than the other, and 2 cm further from me than the other, and the toe-in was […]

My Nairobi Trio milestone

Today I almost completed my collection of albums from the New Zealand jazz band Nairobi Trio. Actually, to label what these four guys do as simply jazz is telling only part of the story. If you don’t know their music, check them out, and you will find fresh, creative, and quite eclectic musical pleasure. Keen […]

More on recording and disc copy quality

Back in the day, LP manufacturers were very keen to stand out in the marketplace by emphasising the quality of their music recordings and vinyl copies. This is RCA on their Red Seal label with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra performing the 1812 Overture. We get detailed explanation of the recording hall setting and […]

Record sleeve advertising

Many music fans put sleevenotes as one of the reasons they prefer LPs over downloads, streaming, and even CDs when the artwork is shrunk to fit and is too small to read! But go back to the rapidly expanding commercialism of the 1960s and record sleeves, inner and outer, were considered by some record companies […]

South Moluccan family string band

Latest in my continuing “Well I wasn’t expecting that” series is this South Yorkshire/Indonesian/Dutch Cajun folk pop album from The Deighton Family. Issued in the US on Philo/Rounder Records in 1988. The slogan “acoustic music to suit most occasions” almost put me off, then I read the sleevenotes and was very intrigued. Recorded in Stockport […]

Spectra-sonic sound of the 60s

There was a time when record manufacturers explained why their product was worth buying – it was about sound quality. In this case, this Crown Records album from 1966 was made for “an amazing degree of “in depth” sound reproduction”. I note the comment about sensed or felt sound shadings. Although 50 years old, this […]

Microfibre magic

I’ve been experimenting with short-fibre cloths, the kind that are wicking and soft. I used one dampened with distilled water to give each record a thorough, vigorous, and careful clean. A second cloth was used dry to buff each disc dry. I put each disc into a rack to airdry before putting into a new […]