What do conspicuous consumers hear?

“Owning a pen doesn’t make you a writer, in the same way that owning the latest HD camera, drone or 360 rig doesn’t make you an expert in film making”. These are the wise words of Flying Start’s Sam McCauley. This got me thinking. How many people have bought expensive hi-fi equipment as a conspicious […]

Speaker placement & set up advice

Today I got out my laser leveller and tape measure to check the spacing and toe-in of my floorstanders relative to my listening seat. I discovered that the left speaker was about 20 cm further from the centre line than the other, and 2 cm further from me than the other, and the toe-in was […]

My Nairobi Trio milestone

Today I almost completed my collection of albums from the New Zealand jazz band Nairobi Trio. Actually, to label what these four guys do as simply jazz is telling only part of the story. If you don’t know their music, check them out, and you will find fresh, creative, and quite eclectic musical pleasure. Keen […]