Clean records sound better, right?

Obvious, isn’t it? But I don’t just mean the absence of irritating clicks and pops. Bear with me.

Today, I’m trying out a low-cost ultrasonic record cleaner from Poland. I’ll be writing a review on my experience with this no-frills machine. So far I’ve cleaned 28 LPs, mostly old albums picked up a couple of days ago in a crate digging expedition. Even on worn discs, the improvement in sound quality is both immediately obvious and very pleasing. The more natural timbre of instruments, the recording ambience more evident, extra detail, dynamic range, and of course no clicks and pops. Just much more like music and less like playback from a disc. Very satisfying. And I much prefer handling clean discs without all the gunk and grime. 

I figure on a clean record, the stylus doesn’t have to compete with obstacles and interruptions when digging out the stereo information from the groove.

After cleaning 138 LPs, I can say that even this low-cost version gives me the quietest records. I am very pleased with the deep clean. Look out for my forthcoming user review. More information about these cleaners is at


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