The story of Stories

This 1973 album turned up in a local op shop, and I was curious, having never heard of this band. Eddie Kramer is credited on some somgs, and some of the recording was done at Olympic Studios. It’s kn the Kama Sutra label. The style is remarkably advanced for the time, and the vocals from […]

Clean records sound better, right?

Obvious, isn’t it? But I don’t just mean the absence of irritating clicks and pops. Bear with me. Today, I’m trying out a low-cost ultrasonic record cleaner from Poland. I’ll be writing a review on my experience with this no-frills machine. So far I’ve cleaned 28 LPs, mostly old albums picked up a couple of […]

74 albums and a crate

I made my first visit to the wonderful Vinyl Destination in Devonport Road, Tauranga, for some crate digging yesterday. Met attentive host Luke and gorgeous Callaway the cat, drank great coffee, and scoured the racks and boxes for used vinyl. Masses of very diverse music in great condition. Scored a special fill-a-crate for $25 deal, […]