NAIM Audio’s “True Stereo”

NAIM’s “True Stereo” is claimed to be one of the most faithful techniques to capture music in a recorded format. The final sound results from just one single pair of microphones, set up in a space selected for good natural acoustics.

The end result gives the listener a live, acoustically realistic perspective of the music without processing or electronic manipulation of any kind. Due to the fact that the sound has been recorded direct to stereo, there is no opportunity for mixing or manipulating the sound post-recording. 

The positioning of the microphones is critical for this kind of recording, as this is the only opportunity that the engineer, Ken Christianson, had to adjust the levels. More bass is achieved by positioning the bassist closer to the microphones, and less from further away.

The Naim Label concept is to produce recordings which are of outstanding performances. As a record label, they do not try to musically influence the artists that they record, believing that far better results can be achieved through allowing them total freedom to follow their own artistic instincts.

A True Stereo sampler was issued in 2004, bringing together a range of unprocessed recordings.


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