Intellectuals as audiophiles

There seems to be a connection between high functioning intellects and the appreciation of music in high fidelity reproduction. Examples include Douglas Adams, Brian Cox, Hugh Laurie, Frank Zappa, Ian Rankin. Whilst not anywhere near as accomplished as any of them, I have three university degrees, each gained with distinction. My IQ was measured some […]

Joan Baez – His Master’s Voice

I was born in late 1955 in Northern England and began collecting records in 1972. This Joan Baez album was first issued in 1964. I have only now added it to my collection, and my just-acquired copy is an EMI/His Master’s Voice (NZ) edition of the Vanguard recordings. This is the first time I have […]

RCA Victor Stereo Action Series

I picked up a copy of Holiday for Percussion (1962) from this series (mine’s an RCA New Zealand pressing). The description leaves me wondering if it was a worthwhile “stereo-orthophonic” high fidelity experience, or a gimmick to sell more records. One sure way to find out, once it has been carefully cleaned. Here’s a nice […]

432, 438, 440 Hz

I know about the 432 Hz ‘God Note’ alternative tuning that is supposed to give enhanced listening pleasure by fully accessing the link between music and emotion. See here, for example. And I know that the standard music tuning in ‘Western’ culture is 440 Hz. So what is “438 Hz Enhanced Audio”? I’ve recently been […]

Peculiar, cheap as chips, and excellent!

This budget collection of live recordings is to me an odd collection of artists, yet the recording quality of these rather good live performances is superb, and not what I anticipated. Very enjoyable mix of some jazz and some blues. No sleeve notes so I have no idea of dates or venues, or why these […]

CODE high-definition audio

John Mellencamp’s then new album (2008) was issued on a DVD in CODE format, developed by T Bone Burnett and his team. A CD copy was also included. “We are very happy that people are going to be able to experience this album in a way that’s true to our original intent”, they said. “We’ve […]