Record cleaning – what’s all the noise about?

Sound quality and cleanliness isn’t only about those annoying clicks and pops interfering to spoil your music experience. Anything on the record surface is a contaminant that may be damaging your record and stylus, and spoiling the proper interaction between disc and tracker, as well as shortening their useful life. Then there’s static electrical charge […]

Of materials and interactions

My first university degree (1976-80, UK) is in Sciences, majoring in Physics. It’s no coincidence that my teen passion for visceral rock music continued into studying the apparent alchemy of capturing and reproducing joy-inducing sound. This has continued in my now 40+ years music and hifi hobbies. It’s all about materials and their interactions, applied […]

Early DSD

This album is an early Telarc SACD (DSD) from 2000 (the first commercially issued DSD album was 1997). A live recording from the Ray Brown Trio performing at the Starbucks store on 23rd and Jackson, once the heart of the Seattle jazz scene. Another album listing the recording equipment, suggesting that certain record labels assumed […]

audiophile recording

Most recording artists tell us what type of instruments were played on their albums. Some tell us the models and makers. A few even commission special editions of instruments for an album project. Sometimes we are told what recording equipment is used, and what process is followed in the recordings. This one is from 1994.

An acquired taste

Sometimes I hear someone say “this music is a bit of an acquired taste”. What do they mean? They feel they should like it, but don’t. They want to like it, but can’t. It’s taking more effort than casual hearing, to listen and appreciate. I reckon sometimes it’s an attempt at semi-politely saying they don’t […]

Project 3 Total Sound on film

I wrote about audio pioneering Enoch Light and his Project 3 recordings in the hifi review – here. Today I found a copy of this “test” record (it’s actually a setup and demonstration disc). Project 3 master recordings were made on 35mm film, which had several sound quality benefits over tape – flutter-free, improved […]

Are albums anachronisms?

Last week I celebrated my 61st birthday, as always with some new music. I’ve grown up with the idea (assumption, even) of collecting physical album entities, so I find it really hard to comprehend why my son (who celebrated his 22nd birthday last week) listens to single songs or mixes for a while then deletes […]

Music choice and personality

John Powell, in his new book “Why You Love Music” (Little,Brown & Co, 2016), reports research by psychologists that links music choice and personality. Previous tests show me as scoring high on openness (culture, intellect), good with words, politically liberal, and maybe not so good at sports (because I’m not competitive?). My preference for music […]