David Elias, MQA, DSD, and FLAC

After months of reading speculation and explanation on MQA, I today got some free sample song files from David Elias’ Bandcamp website. I chose FLAC format and got files in 24/352.8, 24/96, and 16/44.1 KHz.

Would they play with JRiver Media Center and without an MQA decoder? Indeed, yes, faultlessly first-time.

Not familiar with the work of David Elias, I don’t know if they sound better than standard files of his recordings, but I do know rhat they sound great – and I like his style. He has all of his albums available encoded with MQA, and is being promoted as an independent musician and pioneer for high-definition music playback with MQA.

It is claimed that an MQA decoder produces even better sound quality, at a cost. From what I hear, the encoding will do very nicely for me. Outstanding sound quality – crisp, clear, lively, dynamic, realistic tone and presence, with solid bass extension.

More sample files courtesy of Oppo at http://oppodigital.com/hra/dsd-by-davidelias.aspx 

Also found various DSD files of his songs on other hi-res websites.


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