How to flatten a warped vinyl record

Use two clean 330 x 330 mm ceramic floor tiles, each with a smooth top side. Preheat oven to 120-160 degrees Fahrenheit (say 60-65C). Place both tiles in the oven, face up, on separate shelves so they heat through thoroughly. Leave to heat until the thermostat is steady at 60-65C. Using a protective mitten, remove […]

Apathetic ‘music’ buyers

What’s beyond this apathy? All you have to do is step outside the mainstream ‘pop’ pap, and listen to blues, jazz, folk, or indeed anything else. Maybe it is just too hard for some, who seek the comfort of the dumbed-down muzak. Just 1.5% of US sales in jazz or classical in 2014. Personally, if […]

Training for your brain

I read lots about the health benefits of listening to music, and it seems that learning to play a musical instrument also has huge impact on brain function. So, it’s time I picked up my guitar for some concerted practice.

….. have you heard?

I’ve been considering getting a hearing test done for a while. I’ve been told that a checkup is good from a health point of view, but also I’ve been thinking for some time that my hearing is unbalanced, with a tendency for the left channel to be somewhat suppressed when listening to music with my […]

My Exotic-name Imaginery Band

The current line-up is Booga Bear – vocals Moses Wiggins – vocals & acoustic guitar Hiram Bullock – electric guitar Buckethead – guitar Freebo – bass & tuba Reginal Sales – drums Norton Buffalo – harp Ponty Bone – accordion Cornelius Bumpus – tenor sax Cyrus Chestnut – piano

The unpopularity of jazz

A recent survey shows that in the USA, jazz is becoming less popular, along with classical music. Is that because it requires more effort and attention, or are tastes shifting? Only 1.4% of sales in 2014, and the only genre with declining digital format sales! I’ve just begun to appreciate and explore jazz! A good […]

Helpful tips for cratediggers

There is some useful advice for examining the condition of vinyl records, and a link to helpful grading system, here. Even following these tips, I still find records that sound way different to the way they look. Sometimes in a good way!

Understanding popular music culture

As I read this 2008 textbook, likely I’ll have a few thoughts – watch this space. The author has provided “an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the production, distribution, consumption and meaning of popular music”. Roy Shuker explored “key subjects which shape our experience of music, including music production, musicians and stars, musical texts, musical […]

So, now I understand “audiophile”

Today I found this in an album review on the website: “We all know, an audiophile CD can produce high quality sound that similar to live music performance, as if they are singing right beside you. To enjoy its clarity at best you should play the CD in high-end audio stereo set or preferential […]