The expanding web of music connections

Today I have been looking up an artist who I was listening to and didn’t know anything about. Of course, I used Wikipedia. I love finding out about working relationships and the growing web of connections among writers, players, studios, engineers, producers, and even recording and playback technologies.

On my bookshelf, among my collection of music books, I have The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock, Who’s Who in Rock Music, and Pete Frame’s Rock Family Trees. All were out of date as soon as published.

Back in the early 1970s I devotedly collected every part of the NME’s weekly A to Z of rock music and kept them in the official cover. That collection seems to have long been lost, but it was where I started my fascination. Now I imagine a living dynamic map on the web that shows all the connections. I’ve seen one that maps music genres.

After at least 45 years since I discovered rock music, I’m still a muso ‘fan’ at heart.

Maybe there’s a future project for me in there somewhere!


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