Audition – with your hearing

Great audio equipment systems play all music engagingly, but does some equipment better suit a particular style of music? Here’s some wisdom for jazz fans. Natural tonality and spatial presentation are crucially what to listen for when auditioning equipment with your favourite music.

The expanding web of music connections

Today I have been looking up an artist who I was listening to and didn’t know anything about. Of course, I used Wikipedia. I love finding out about working relationships and the growing web of connections among writers, players, studios, engineers, producers, and even recording and playback technologies. On my bookshelf, among my collection of music […]


Is this hip hype, or is Marillion’s latest album their best? I’ve heard every studio album this band has issued, and this one doesn’t grab me like Clutching at Straws and others did/do. Will it grow in me?

MQA-encoded music playback

I understand that music encoded with MQA can be played back without a decoder, and sounds “better than CD”. With a decoder, it is “as the performer and recorder intended”. That, I would like to hear (both cases).