The sound of CD transports

The Sugden folks know from long experience that the transport used in a CD player greatly affects the sound quality of CD playback due to noise issues. Intriguingly, Redgum Audio in Australia use a standard PC drive for their CD players. I’m hoping to try one soon for a review in TNT-Audio.

Mobile music: when “good enough” isn’t good enough

So, the argument goes that most people don’t care about sound quality, yet clearly some manufacturers believe that enough do care to launch audiophile products, even in the mobile phone market. LG have announced a phone with a high specification DAC for HD music on the go. Is it worth the money and would I […]

Un-mastered albums

Here’s a short review of an SACD album reissue in which there is intentionally no intervention by a mastering engineer. The sound quality is exactly what the recording engineer accomplished in the studio. Mastering is done after recording and mixing, and can involve a number of ‘unbiased’ interventions to alter the production prior to mass […]

Gary Moore revealed he still had the blues

Gary Moore’s 1990 album “Still Got the Blues” was a career-defining return to his roots, in the blues of John Mayall, Eric Clapton, and Peter Green. He may have looked like he was side-stepping his rock guitar hero reputation, but the backstory shows that he came up with the blues from an early age.