more borrowing by Jimmy Page

“A Maid of Constant Sorrow” was Judy Collins’ debut album, released in 1961. The lyrics of the song “The Prickilie Bush” (credited to Traditional) bear a striking resemblance to Led Zeppelin’s “Gallows Pole” released some years later. There have been many versions, and at least in this case Page & Plant credit it as their […]

Experiencing the art of music – subjectively

How well do you experience the art of music, and does that determine the fidelity of reproduction for you? From the technical perspective, the quality of the recording is crucial, as is the quality of carrier medium, and quality of playback. In addition, the playback environment strongly influences the experience. Subjectively, mood/emotional state, attention/distraction, and […]

A better way to buy home audio equipment

Here’s a piece looking at this from the seller’s perspective, and asking how to better sell? I approach this from the other direction – the experience of trying to buy and use great equipment for listening to recorded music. Speaking as a long-time enthusiast who has dealt with many retailers of all kinds, I want […]

Matching a budget cartridge to The Wand

Part One of the listening test article I wrote last year has now been published on I tried a range of affordable cartridges on The Wand Plus. Ultimately, my euphonic listening experience with The Wand Plus and Hana cartridges led me to team up with Design Build Listen to supply these excellent products in […]

Talking about musicians’ music systems

Why do I hardly ever see anyone talking about their own music listening systems?  I’ve seen Fish in his home studio who had a KEF sponsorship, and I’ve seen a Stereophile article about Henry Rollins, and a short video with Elija Wood (although he talks about records and not about the very interesting vinyl and […]

Speaking about hifi

There’s a detailed and really helpful discussion of the words used to describe the hifi music experience, here. It’s an excerpt from the Introductory Guide to High-Performance Audio Systems by Robert Harley , Editor-in-Chief of The Absolute Sound magazine

Why free streaming is ending

The music industry has yet to make money from advertising, and they now have that in their sights for a new business model which baits advertising attention with music. Be prepared ro have your listening habits profiled for targeted advertising. This is just one reason why I have not joined any streaming services.

Don’t buy these records

A short article about reissue labels that produce nasty vinyl records using rips from CDs and other shonky sources. I’ve bought several records from The Warehouse and JB Hifi that were such poor recordings or pressings that I returned them. At $30 upwards I expect high quality.

Writing for TNT-Audio

I joined the reviewer panel a couple of years ago, and have published a range of equipment reviews. To avoid commercial conflicts of interest, I will no longer review products, but will occasionally write opinion pieces and other articles on matters hifi. I’ll post links here.