Make up your mind by auditioning

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sound in the ear of the listener. And there is no scientific assurance of “good sound”, only the subjective test of your ears.

Auditioning hifi equipment requires tapping into your emotional response to the music. Some music lovers haven’t yet learned to trust their ears, and so seek the ‘safety’ of the authority of scientific evidence, electrical test charts, expert reviews, or trusted dealers, or they hope that buying expensive equipment and big-name brands will guarantee them quality. Maybe it will, but maybe not.

Don’t trust your friendly dealer to make the choice of equipment for you. What you do need to avoid costly disappointment is trust that they have knowledge , experience, and attitude to assist you in making up your mind.

People interested in improving their listening experience are not geeks. They are music lovers in search of the authentic music experience as if in the room with the musicians, eliminating the artefacts of sound reproduction. You can’t short-cut the issues of equipment and recording and duplication format, nor bypass them, and go straight to the music. The music is recorded and reproduced through equipment and format, whether or not you care about them. Do the sensible thing. Seek qualified help –  don’t risk unheard off-the-shelf purchases.


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