HQ streaming, at low cost

Playing 192kHz through a Mamboberry DAC+ running MoOde from JRiver Media Center 21 on a Samsung netbook running Windows 10, controlled by the JRiver iOS app. Avoids the perils of USB. Tomorrow I’ll do a direct comparison to find out if I can hear a difference in sound quality. The UPnP streaming sounds brilliant!


I don’t like the term used by some to describe this phenomenon when listening to music, but I certainly do like the feeling.

A remedy for the “mp3 mistake”?

Several new audio file formats are on the way to bring recorded music firmly back to the realm of quality. Pono preceded MQA, and Apple have something in development. Maybe there will be others. The discussion has largely been about the technology, and is now back in the field of music for the audiophile.

No angst here, we’re British

Spent a few hours digging out all of those angst-ridden vocal, guitar thrashing, drum bashing, bass throbbing, 4-piece 2000s albums. At 60 I find they are not my thing – they never were. Out they go to free shelf space for those album gems yet to be discovered.

Streaming is taking over the soundspace

The end of physical media is over-stating, but certainly discs and even downloaded files will become minority / specialist sources, whilst music streaming is about to take over as the mainstream / mass access to music, with all of the attendant data mining issues. The music owners surely want to know what you are playing, […]

He sold his CDs!

I read this short story with some trepidation. Why would anyone even consider such a thing? Perhaps I should be brave, and open-minded. Maybe I would learn that I had good reason to slim down my 5000+ collection. Safe to say, they are staying …… At least for now.

Two channels – pure and simple

Here at HiFi Auditions, I am focused on sound quality and the experience of music. No automated multi-zone gadgetry here, just authentic recorded music playback of the highest quality. Stereo equipment, including computer-based sources, and careful matching and setup of components in systems, appropriate for the room. That’s the way to euphonic rendition of music. […]

Make up your mind by auditioning

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sound in the ear of the listener. And there is no scientific assurance of “good sound”, only the subjective test of your ears. Auditioning hifi equipment requires tapping into your emotional response to the music. Some music lovers haven’t yet learned to trust their ears, and so seek […]

When a hifi system is great

The test of a good hifi system is when you stop worrying about it and stop making excuses for it. In other words, when you reach the point where all you hear is the music and never give the equipment a thought – it becomes a transparent tool. Few reach this goal and many spend […]