Is music a lifestyle accessory?

“Not that many people like music anymore – the notes and sounds themselves, I mean. Mostly they consume it as a way of demonstrating that they haven’t been left behind by taste” – John Fischer. Not me! I’m drawn to the artistry, emotion, movement, imagination, and the personalities and intellects of the players. I don’t […]

Art, not product

“The marketing geniuses on the corporate side of the country music labels had decided to start using focus groups to test their products before they were developed or released. An example of this would be to ask the focus group whether they liked sad songs or happy songs. “We like happy songs!” the focus group […]

Now I know how jazz-fusion gets composed!

“Unless you have synesthesia, you’ve probably never heard the secret music of melted mozzarella and pepperoni for yourself. But thanks to a new app, you can. Called Roy G Biv, this iPhone app will let you use the colors of the world around you and turn them into music. Named after the acronym for the colors […]