Rock on vinyl

Following my latest trip to Real Groovy and thus my latest 11 album additions to my collection, I stumbled across this fan site at Out of Melbourne, this is run by a vinyl albums fanatic, and there’s a wealth of music here that was published on vinyl record – with something of an emphasis […]

Vinyl heaven

I always enjoy my visit to Real Groovy in Queen Street, Auckland. At the moment they have a sale on a massive selection of new and used vinyl at just $20 for 10 albums. Not all in pristine condition, but well worth the time to hunt through the racks for gems and bargains. I found […]

The Sound ….. On FM radio

The Sound is a new radio station broadcasting on FM in New Zealand and on the web that plays album tracks from classic albums and artists – wow and how will I ever get back to work as every track is a gem and I can’t bring myself to get off the sofa and switch […]

Oh, to be an audiophile

I am fascinated by the idea of “audiophile”, and sometimes wonder if I am one or would want to be one – what does it take to be one and what can you do if you are one? Are you an audiophile, or do you know someone who is? Do you boast about it or […]

Recycling is enriching!

I like nothing much more than digging among other people’s cast-off vinyl records and CDs for great music for my personal collection. Most days I play some music and have quite eclectic tastes, always thinking about discovering obscure artists who are musical but not popular. Hearing music affects our mood and sense of well being […]