Frugal hifi

I’m interested in the idea of refurbished, DIY modified, and home-built equipment. Why buy – at premium prices – if you can do it yourself? It’s a fact of commercial markets – sellers want top dollar, buyers ideally want to spend as little as possible. However, I do recognize that some people want to spend […]

Therapy or music

I saw a recent newspaper article that said that instead of spending money on therapy and counseling, we just play music each day to help us understand and deal with living our lives As a long-time music nut, I can vouch for the positive effect that inspiring writing, singing, and playing can have What about […]

Blues and middle-age??

Why is that after 40 years of listening to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Wishbone Ash, and much much more in the rock and progressive genres, I now can’t get enough of blues guitarists and (especially female) blues singers? I know other post-50 men who also seem to be drifting in the same direction – […]

Fish – The Company and Marillion

You may recall the rock band Marillion and this is the place to keep in touch with former vocalist Fish – a fine songwriter and all round rock charismatic here – he works with a fine band Find the also very fine post-Fish Marillion here  

Home audio system

I’ve been using and upgrading a component system since the early 1970s. The current combination is: Cambridge Audio Azur 840A, Cambridge Audio Azur 540D, Cambridge Audio DacMagic, Rega Ear, Pioneer SACD D6, Clear Audio Emotion, Clear Audio Aurum Classics Wood, DAC-Lite AH Modified, SoTM dx-USB, Pure AV mains filter, Toshiba ADRES, SONY VIAO running j-River […]

Classic Rock magazine

I’m a fan of Classic Rock magazine – always well-written pieces about a range of styles, past and present. It’s the one UK-published rock mag available in New Zealand that’s sensibly priced. Alas, though, Prog Rock is way over-priced.   Class rock – and much more – in Classic Rock magazine, monthly